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Stucco Exteriors by Modern Home Improvements, Inc.
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Stucco Exteriors

Modern Home Improvements, Inc. professionally applies exterior stucco color coating that will protect and beautify your property for decades. We also provide sandblasting and trim painting services.

 Traditional Stucco is an economical exterior coating that provides a tough shell which will withstand all kinds of day to day and natural abuse. Below you will find the many benefits of a stucco color coat.
  • Color coat stucco is cost effective and lasts for decades.
  • Chose from an enormous selection of colors.
  • Stucco has a built in integral color that does not need painting.
  • Once applied, stucco is a low maintenance product.
  • Any stucco based product can be rejuvenated to look new again by applying fog coat. Ask the contractor for specific details.
  • Stucco is impervious to termites, rot and fungus.
  • Stucco surfaces can be patched if necessary repairs (plumbing, electrical, etc.) are ever needed.
Choose from a variety of colors and textures
 Modern Home Improvement's Stucco Finishes

Modern Home Improvements, Inc. will apply your stucco coat in the finish that best suits your needs. The following images illustrate the variety of stucco finishes that can be applied. Many of our stucco finishes are tailor made to your home. Our crews, when on site, will apply a texture sample on your home for you to see and approve. If you see a texture or color in your neighborhood, please show us! With 26 years in the business we can generally replicate any style, color, or texture.

Arizona California California Santa Barbara
Light Dash Medium Dash Heavy Dash Knockdown Dash
Tunnel Dash Light Lace Heavy Lace Monterrey
Smooth Cat Faces Spanish Travertine
Fine Sand Float Med Sand Float Heavy Sand Float Scraped

Whether you're looking to restore your existing stucco to its original beauty or have new structures to cover, Modern Home Improvements, Inc. will apply the right stucco textures and colors for you.

Set your home apart from the cookie-cutter homes in your neighborhood, by mixing and matching Stone and Architectural Foam to create an exterior that is uniquely your own.

Contact us for more information about your stucco exterior project.

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